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Champagne (5oz / 170mL)
The shape of the glass does add to the experience
Great for celebrations of any kind such as weddings, birthdays or New Years Eve festivities, our Champagne flute is built to impress. We have even made sure that all of our unbreakable Champagne flutes have the wonderful droplets effect when the champagne has been poured to make it as realistic as traditional glassware.
Champagne, Clear, Stemmed Flute
CAPACITY 170mL / 5oz
HEIGHT 210mm
DIAMETER Top - 53.9mm, Base - 61.4mm
  • 100% polycarbonate
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe
  • Scratch resistant
  • Crystal-like finish
  • Made to withstand any drop or impact
  • Creates the bead / droplets effect
  • Tall stemmed glass
  • If you are a pub, nightclub, hotel, restaurant or venue, CONTACT US to get more details or to arrange for a sample.
  • 24 glasses per carton
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