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Stackable Tumbler (9oz / 266mL)
A Stackable Rocks Tumbler of classic design and lasting endurance for busy bars
The new VIVA Stackable Rocks Tumbler unbreakable glass is a must have item for venues looking for a long lasting tumbler or rocks glass that is easy to stack and pull apart without the risk of shattering, chipping or scratching. Save your money and time with this impressive new stackable tumbler glass.
Stackable Rocks Tumbler, Crystal Clear
CAPACITY 266mL / 9oz
DIAMETER Top - 84mm, Base - 55mm
  • Standard shape and size tumbler
  • Made with the tough plastic
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe
  • Scratch resistant, does not chip
  • Designed to be unbreakable
  • Used for a variety of drinks
  • Ideal for bars, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants
  • If you are a pub, nightclub, hotel, restaurant or venue, CONTACT US to get more details or to arrange for a sample.
  • 24 glasses per carton
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