Shop online for Crystal-like and BPA-free plastic glasses, glassware, drinkware for wine glass, beer glass, shot glass etc. Ship from Toronto to USA and Canada.
We believe that the look and feel of the glassware you use is equally as important as the contents in the drink. Nowhere else will you find a range of plastic drinkware that looks and feels as close to glass, yet is completely unbreakable and safe as each plastic glass in the VIVA Glassware range. Each glass in our plastic drinkware range has been designed with superior appearance, longevity, safety, reliability and innovation in mind giving a range with;
Our plastic glassware feels as close to the real thing as you can get.  Each unbreakable plastic glass has a crystal like finish like glass and is similar in weight to glass. However unlike glass that will chip, shatter or break when dropped, our plastic drinkware is virtually unbreakable due to being made from a unique plastic resin that ensures a more durable, scratch and discolouration resistant product. This resin is also 100% BPA-free.

Look no further for a range of quality, durable plastic glasses that will not break, chip, fade or scratch.   

Plastic unbreakable beer glasses: Schooner glass, middy glass, schmiddy glass, pint and plastic beer jug/pitcher.
Plastic unbreakable tumblers: Classic rocks tumbler, stackable rocks tumblers and coloured rocks tumblers.
Plastic unbreakable stem glasses: Champagne glass / Champagne Flute; white wine glass and red wine glass.

Plastic unbreakable cocktail glasses: Martini glass and margarita glass
Plastic unbreakable shot glasses: 1oz shot glass; 1.5oz shot glass and 2oz shot glass
Plastic unbreakable highball glasses: classic highball glass, stackable highball glass
Plastic unbreakable large upsize beverage glass for soda, soft drink and any other beverage.

All of our plastic unbreakable glasses can have custom printing and logos on them. Whether it is a single colour
or multiple colours, we can arrange these for you. Contact us for more information.

Worried about Glassings? Reduce the occurrence of alcohol related violent incidents in your venue by switching to plastic glasses from VIVA unbreakable glassware.

Venues that switch from traditional glassware to VIVA Plastic Drinkware will not only benefit from cost savings due to the dramatic reduction in glass breakages and costs associated with replacement, they will also benefit from a safer drinking environment for their staff and customers.Remember, no glass means no glassings!

We are one of the world's best unbreakable plastic glassware manufacturer and supplier. We developed a range of plastic glassware or unbreakable barware directly in response to the need for a premium range of long lasting, shatterproof and unbreakable plastic glass to create safer drinking environments, to curb alcohol related violence in bars and clubs, and to reduce glass replacement costs.

Choose from our impressive range of plastic glassware, drinkware, barware or stemware, from our nucleated beer glasses to our beautifully designed plastic shot glass and cocktail glass.

There are countless types of settings where the use of VIVA unbreakable plastic glasses would not only be useful, but beneficial. Venues including bars, nightclubs, casinos, restaurants, hotels, wedding and function venues, outdoor entertaining areas, poolside, patios, sports clubs and sports stadiums. A few of the benefits include;
Cost savings - A reduction in glass replacement costs and shrinkage due to
unbreakable and shatterproof design.
Labour savings - Less staff time dedicated to clean up of breakages
Safer environment - Completely shatterproof product for patrons and staff
Quality of plastic drinkware - The clarity and appearance are maintained for years
It's VIVA Unbreakable Glassware's! We offer free samples. Call us today to arrange for a sample package to be sent to you.